Commission an illustration

Would you like to hang the hero of your favorite RPG on the wall of your living room? Bring your Dungeons & Dragons character to life? Offer a unique gift? Or, show custom emotes on your Twitch channel? There are so many possibilities to illustrate and I hope to help you realize your project!

2020-21 Prices

These prices are entry price for April 1, 2020 — March 31, 2021.
If the illustration you wish to order contains a lot of details or more than one character, the price will be adjusted to reflect the order.

Prices are in CAD, US and EUR, payable with PayPal


chibi illustration examples


Black & white (line art)$25$20€ 15
Additional char.$15$15€ 10
Colour$50$40€ 35
Additional char.$30$25€ 20


Twitch emotes

Colour$35 and +$30 and +€ 25 and +



Simple or pattern$15$15€ 10
Other type$30 and +$25€ 20


character illustration examples


Black & white (line art)$40$30€ 25
Additional char.$30$25€ 20
Cellshade colour$125 and +$95 and +€ 85 and +
Additional char.$70 and +$55 and +€ 50 and +
Softshade colour$110 and +$80 and +€ 75 and +
Additional char.$60 and +$45 and +€ 40 and +



Black & white (line art)$30$25€ 20
Detailed$40 and +$30€ 25
Cellshade colour$55 and +$45 and +€ 40 and +
Detailed$85 and +$65 and +€ 60 and +
Softshade colour$55 and +$45 and +€ 40 and +
Detailed$80 and +$60 and +€ 55 and +


Commercial project

Custom price varying of the project type


I invite you to look the “Illustrations” page to see some of my work. You’ll be able to see if these drawings are something you would like to order. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can send me questions with the form below to check if I would be able to draw it. Violent or sexual illustrations will not be accepted. Please note that I’m not working full time on commissions and that I proceed by step during a project. Allow around 3 to 5 weeks between the start of the work and the delivery of the final image.


2021 availability calendar

Last update: February 21, 2021


  Full / Not available   Half full / Half available / Waiting list   Free / Available


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